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Jubilee Sports

Jubilee Street

Melton Mowbray, LE13 1ND

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About Jubilee Sports and meet the team

Purpose designed, no compromise

Our single minded approach makes for the ideal facility for your training needs.

When you’re looking for a place to train Martial Arts, you don’t want to be sharing with other facilities that have a negative impact on your enjoyment.

We’re not a school, we’re not a gym and we’re not a play group. Melton Mowbray has plenty of those already. We’re solely focused on the training area and keeping it uncluttered, clean and safe.

We are a dojo and a fitness centre.

All the kit you should ever need

We have tried to think of everything, so we have all of the equipment you should need to train correctly already to hand. So no need to buy expensive kit, which is great when you’re just starting out

Three large hanging bags, tear-drop and clinch bags, upper cup pad and every martial arts weapon you will ever need. Punch bags, kick pads, hand pads, focus pads, boxing gloves, shin pads, rubber knives and guns, skipping rope, battle rope, small hand weights, swiss balls, resistance bands and scales.

And list continues to grow as we see the need.

A Floating Floor?

Your training should be hard, but the facility shouldn’t, so we’ve made the training area very user friendly and installed a ‘floating’ floor.

Professional competition judo mats are laid to a wooden false floor suspended on foam suspension.

This really takes the sting out of any impact and you won’t believe how much longer you’ll be able to train comfortably.

Specifically designed for the throwing arts of Jujitsu, Aikido & Judo, but also work great for any martial art and fitness class.

All the Facilities you need

We have a spacious car park, a comfortable reception area, two large changing rooms and separate toilets. The training area has seating for spectators, along with a small kitchen and First Aid room.

Or what about our cafe?

With seating where you can watch the action on the cctv feed while enjoying a selection of hot drinks including a Tassimo machine for all of your favourite brands like Costa Americano, cappuccino & latte.

Steve Parkin


Steve can help you decide which art is best for you and will spend his time explaining each class so you can make an informed choice     

Currently instructing in the art of Jujitsu and Iaido

Steve Parkin

Sarah Parkin

Parties & Events

Sarah can arrange your child’s birthday party or a one-off activity.

She will help you make the best possible event and guide you through your options

If you wish to hire the venue, please contact her for more information

Sarah Parkin

Daniel Parkin

The Janitor

You will often see Daniel helping out on reception, but he’s also very busy behind the scenes making sure the mats are in tip-top condition

Daniel Parkin

The Dojo - training area

Meet the team