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"Awesome team great atmosphere.. " - Sacha B

"Just wanted to say a huge huge thank you to everyone at Jubilee Sports. Especially Steve, Evelyn has been coming here for around 6months now and we have loved every second! It's been lovely making new friends and chatting to other parents while Evelyn enjoys being taught a fantastic lesson." - Fiona L S

"Stunning building. Fully refurbished. Sprung floor for added comfort. Heating. Lots of parking.. a must place to go :0)." - Em C

"Awesome, be back very soon." - Neville C



White Tiger Warrior Arts

EWF Martial Arts

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Exposure Home Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

Ashtanga Yoga

The Facility

Our single minded approach makes for the ideal facility for your training needs.

When you’re looking for a place to train Martial Arts or attend a fitness class, you don’t want to be sharing with other facilities that has a negative impact on your enjoyment.

We’re not a school, we’re not a gym and we’re not a play group. Melton Mowbray has plenty of those already.

We’re solely focused on the training area and keeping it uncluttered, clean and safe.

We’re a dojo and a fitness centre.

Purpose designed, no compromise

We’ve tried to think of everything, so we have all of the equipment you need to train correctly already to hand. So no need to buy expensive kit, which is great when you’re just starting out

Three large hanging bags, upper cut bag, tear-drop bag, a speed ball,  every martial arts weapon you’ll ever need. Punch bags, kick pads, hand pads, focus pads, boxing gloves, shin pads, rubber knives and guns, skipping rope, battle rope, small hand weights, resistance bands and scales.

And list continues to grow as we see the need

All the kit you should ever need

Your training should be hard, the facility shouldn’t. We’ve made the facility user friendly.

What do we mean by a ‘floating’ floor?

Professional judo mats are laid to a wooden false floor suspended on foam suspension springs.

This really takes the sting out of those big impacts and you won’t believe how much longer you’ll be able to train comfortably.

Specifically designed for the throwing arts of Jujitsu, Aikido & Judo, but also work great for any martial art and fitness class


Separate male & female comfortable changing rooms, wash rooms & toilets.

Changing Rooms

Take time to visit and talk to one of our instructors, who’ll be glad to help you.

We can also supply you with sports and club clothing, boxing gloves & mitts, as well as gum guards and hand wraps.

Welcoming Reception

Take a ring-side seat to watch the action, we really don’t mind you checking out our classes.

Our instructors are very friendly and will take time to discuss their classes with you.

Viewing Area

Our self serve cafe has drinks and biscuits, so you can relax while watching the CCTV feed of the action on the mat.

Great for a social chat with your friends either after a session or just meet up and relax together.


With car parking for up to 16 vehicles, finding a space shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s always off road parking if we do get busy and we’re also very close to Melton Mowbray town centre car parks, with access via the crossing on Norman Way towards the new Premier Inn.

Car Park


Company History

Jubilee Sports was opened in December 2013 by a team of dedicated instructors from the area, as a home for local Martial Arts and Fitness clubs in Melton Mowbray.

The design brief was to have a facility dedicated to safe learning, where the training area was uncompromised by any other activity. Whilst also providing the amenities required to be the best location in town.

Core Principles

To provide a facility where every club is welcome, irrelevant of style, and to assist in building their student base by making it more accessable to everyone .

To give support to all of the instructors and students to enable them to be the best they can be.

Customer Focused

It's hard for new students to find the right club, as most are at locations that are difficult to find or that don't support their clubs to the level where they're consistant. You need to know the clubs are going to be there long term so you can commit to your training.

  • Town Centre location
  • Classes open everyday of the week
  • Many different styles to choose from

Why Choose Us

We are here to support YOU

Whether you're a local club looking for a permanent location or a student looking for a facility, we are dedicated making sure you have the right setting and equipment.